Nowadays, endless repositories of high-quality bird photos are available, and there are quality and detailed guides published every year that were unimaginable not so long ago, when I started birding.

Nevertheless, I found it difficult to identify some tricky species, no matter how many books I have at home or how many pictures and articles are available on the net, sometimes it takes a lot of time to make a decision. It happens often in the field, but also with birds in hand. Practically everything is available on the internet about birds, but I haven’t found the ideal solution in many situations when it comes to bird identification. And as a side note, books are heavy so I don’t carry them around.

For this reason, the idea of creating a dynamic repository of knowledge came up. A repository on which we gather photos and knowledge, focusing primarily on the more difficult ID issues. We don't want to just pour photos into an endless storage space, but only those that really help in bird identification. And not just photos. It is also important to know what to look for on a bird.

Community Bird ID tries to be a free, lightweight, dynamic identification guide without upper limit, for birders, by birders. Use it as a photographic bird ID guide, or upload your photos that can help the others in identification, aging or else.

Community Bird ID is a platform to collect images about WP species from users around the globe, select the bests and organize those in an logical and comprehensive order, highlighting the most important characteristics of the species, in every age, sex, plumage and posture. And not only for birdwatchers but for banders and ringers as well, from WP birder point of view. We primarily focus on tricky species, but every WP species is welcome.

Thanks to our contributors there are more photos and the species covered day by day.

Our primary and only focus is identification, from WP birdwatcher perspective. For the rest there is ebird.